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We sell you the parts and components at whole sale price.  We can recommend the top contractors in the business or you can do it yourself.  

One of our first jobs, was an existing customers neighbor, she called and she wanted solar but she did not want panels on her roof and her backyard was to small for a ground mount.  She gave us pricing that other companies had quoted her to place panels on her roof.  We talked about the job, we all agreed that we can remove her old back porch and build a nice large deck with a patio/deck cover and place our panels on the deck cover.  We presented the design to our new customer, built her a beautiful deck with cover and solar system for the same price that the solar companies had quoted her.  She was needless to say "speechless", and upon completion continues to be one of our best customer referrals.  We worked with the Contractor to provide him with quality components at a fraction of the cost.

Another really cool, project was an Vacation Rental Company had a big house on the Cliffs above Escondido, they had a existing Thermal Solar System that did not work, the area in Escondido has only utilities of water and electrical services.  They needed the old thermal system removed and replace with a PV (Electrical) Solar System.  The existing solar system was built on a boulder (large rock).  The structure was not very strong so we rebuilt existing structure  and presented the plans to the County of San Diego.  The County of San Diego said it was impossible to place PV System on a "Boulder",  The contractor we recommended provided a solution that was amazing and approved by all, but most important was the County of San Diego.

Another all time favorites was the Power Engineer for one of the local Universities.  After recommending a  system for his home, he said the manufactures were the same as the University implemented for their super project.  He commented that the University was operating at 95% efficiencies.  The back of his home faced southeast, and there is no way that he could get equal to or larger efficiencies with the orientation of his home.  After a few sleepless night we recommended the design to the contractor of his choice. 

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