Our solar company was founded on the premise of doing things correctly, efficiently, and providing exceptional customer service.

We have become the go to company for unique products.

We have become the inavator of new products. The combination of the above has differaciated us from the rest.

Grid Tied System

Solar systems that the power produced is stored by SDG&E or Southern California Edison.

Portable Power Plants

Our WattsOne portable solar plants that are self contained and/or mobile. 






We can recommend the right company for the correct application.

All contractors are licensed and insured.




 Let us assist you : (858) 880-6666

Most Solar Companies sell grid-tied,  roof top products.

We assist you with the correct products for your solar system.

We work with some of the best contractors in the business and will recommend the right guy for the job.


This is a Solar System that is not tied to the grid. 

Technology has given us new storage options.

        Wholesale Solar Products!

Commercial projects are no different than residential projects, right? Wrong.

Commercial projects require 10 times the man power, resources, and a 100 times the knowledge.

The most challenging aspect of commercial jobs is 100's of employees, millions of dollars of electronics, that need to be put in consideration every second.


Why pay retail when you can purchase at wholesale!